Organization Testimonials

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Sometimes a fresh set of eyes, need to evaluate your situation and steer you in the right direction. I knew what to do and the "how to" were helpful, but my real challenge was time.

- Retail Center Management, M.S.J., Huntington Beach, CA

Excellent service! On time! Really knows the "business", has a lot of experience. Very pleasant personality, went the extra mile to give me time saver ideas for our move.

- Retired Executive, G.G., Huntington Beach, CA

Clutter Cleaners has made my life easier, both personally and in business. Since I sell real estate having them a part of my team has continued to keep my #1 status as being the best real estate agent.

- Real Estate Broker, I.M., Huntington Beach, CA

Clutter Cleaners is great! She has more ideas in a moment, than I have in an hour.

- Custom Sportswear, J.M., Stanton, CA

Clutter Cleaners ability, talent and willingness to help is awesome. Clutter Cleaners has a method and magic, my life is easier.

- Marketing Director, V.G., Long Beach, CA

Clutter Cleaners has a soothing magic to it. The value of the work was enormous I could not have relocated without the management and support of Clutter Cleaners. Caring professionals can make a difficult task easy and give families peace of mind during reorganization and change. Clutter Cleaners shows quality and amazing hardwork distinguishing the service. Clutter Cleaners is our Hero!

- University Dean, K.W., Dallas, TX

I was hesitant to let Clutter Cleaners into my apartment, but now I am glad I did. Clutter Cleaners kept me moving on a task I dreaded doing, but I was pleased with the results. I have been receiving comments on my office after my office was organized. It is easier to find things now. I know exactly were to look for specific items.

- Professor, D.W., Long Beach, CA

Clutter Cleaners was a "great" help to let you know from another person perspective of what to or not to keep. We tend to hold on to everything there by creating the clutter. I liked the idea that "we" worked together, so I was aware of what was being discarded. Most of all they were a delight to work with.

- Artist, S.S., Fountain Valley, CA

Clutter Cleaners is the most competent, clear, direct and capable I've come across in many years. Clutter Cleaners is worth millions, they are wonderful.

- Computer Tech, S.T., Santa Monica, CA

Clutter Cleaners was insightful, and courteous in the face of an unsightly mess. The enthusiasm was infectious, I wish we had them here everyday.

- Marketing Consultant, L.W., Newport Beach, CA

Having a professional bring in a fresh viewpoint can clarify your situation wonderfully. And do keep an open mind. You keep so many possessions simply from habit ~ it's a relief to have someone help you let go and further help you decide what to do with what you can do without. It eases the pain and makes setting up your surroundings differently a small adventure. I obviously found it a wonderful experience at a time when I really needed help.

 - Home Executive, LBD, Owensboro, KY