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Optimizing home office space

Un-cluttering garage storage space

Where in your home do you want to get organized?

Master bedroom, guest room kids bedroom, craft room, home office, computer room, pantry, garage, attic, basement, closets, kitchen, and laundry room?

Are you closing an estate and need to get it organized and inventoried?

Do you need to have an estate sale, we have a team that can help you with that?

We are your Premier Personal Professional Organizers

Are you getting married or because of this economy are you trying to coordinate combining dual residences?

Are you a senior, have family moving in, bringing their household with them, and wonder how is it all going to fit?

As a senior are you downsizing and wondering what to do with your lifetime of treasures?

We provide “Hands on” experience, we work along side of you doing the work, and we just don’t walk you through it.

Are you moving and need assistance? Are you in need of packing/ unpacking services?

We are not a moving company, but we can refer you to one for the move, but we can pack/unpack you.

Are you putting your house on the market and want to get the most out of it?

Do you need to declutter and decide what to keep what to get rid of?

Let’s talk about clutter elimination.

Are you overwhelmed with all the paperwork and you don’t know what to do with it all?

We offer you organizing services and solutions.

Are you a Packrat/Hoarder or know of a pack rat/hoarder?

We work with those who have ADHD/OCD, and physical/mental problems.

Are you putting together a corporate event and looking to have training or a workshop speaker?

We can provide you with a professional speaker to do a presentation on “Getting Organized”, Identity Theft Prevention and about the “Aspects of Hoarding and How to Deal with them”.

Clutter Cleaners specializes in making people and organizations more productive.

Whether it’s through un-cluttering or reorganizing space to attain utmost efficiency, or a more comfortable working environment, we can help!

We’ll work with you to optimize storage capacity, and/or work with your employees on a one-to-one basis to create unique workspaces designed to promote efficiency.

We provide a variety of other related services, as well, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may serve to meet your needs.

Hiring anyone to help organize your personal or work space requires the highest levels of trust and professionalism. To that end we have provided a handful of testimonials for clients who have used our organizational services:

Retail Center Manager: Organized!
Retired Executive: Organized!
Real Estate Broker: Organized!
Custom Sportswear Manufacturer: Organized!
Marketing Director: Organized!
University Dean: Organized!
College Professor: Organized!
Computer Technician: Organized!
Artist: Organized!
Marketing Consultant: Organized!
Home Executive: Organized!

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