A Poem About Organizing

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A Poem About Organizing

I gravitate to clutter
I love an awful mess!
My title? “Clutterologist”
My task set you can guess
I always stay objective
Assessing factors all
I design work and storage space
Some wide and some are tall
I recommend procedures
In future to abate
Dysfunctional behaviors that
Unchecked will make things late
Or sometimes even never done
When records some misplace
I always do my work so well
That all my customers will tell
That everything has turned out swell Since I designed their space
When you are overwhelmed with stuff
Haphazard stacked around
And if the Health Inspector came
Your office he’d shut down
That’s when you’ll stop, give me a call
My strategies you need

Penny Lambright of Clutter Cleaners

We’ll plan and organize things so
Your work you’ll do with speed
You’ll know just where to find things
Your comfort now assured
Your “workstation” will finally be
A place where work occurred
You will not need to transplant
Your stuff from place to place
Because that stuff, both new and old
Will each have its own space
So call me up, we’ll set a date
And I’ll give you a hand
We’ll triumph over clutter quick
‘Cause in advance we planned
You ought to know before we start
I’m bonded and insured
I’ve seen some messes, do not fret
To clutter I’m inured
Your procedures we’ll understand
And modify to fit
And “tune-up” for performance so
Achievements you will get!!

Poem created by : poetic-endeavors@cox.net